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Formerly known as Helen Wright and originally from Rhayader in mid-Wales, I live in the Coleridge area of Cambridge, which is an excellent sort of place to live. I work as a Social Media Editor at the Raspberry Pi Foundation; before that I was a molecular biology technician at the Harris/Holt lab in the Physiology Department at Cambridge University, and other jobs I've had have involved things like web programming and database administration.

I am married to Tom Lynn. Tom maintains the Cambridge and East Anglia Python User's Group wiki, but is a bit embarrassed about his own website. We have two young children.

Sometimes I witter about things on facebook, and less frequently but more publicly and concisely I do it on twitter too. I have a disused livejournal which I list here only out of completism. Other things I do include drive-by gardening, cooking and drinking a great deal of tea.

Helen Lynn    April 2014