Chris "Oggie" Lightfoot 1978-2007: tributes and responses

The announcement of Oggie's death on his weblog is here. There is also an announcment from MySociety, the charity for which he worked, and one from the campaign group No2ID, with which he was deeply involved.

An announcement was printed in the Register section of the Times of Saturday 3 March; you can find it on the Times' website for 28 days from the date of publication using this search form, or see a copy of it.

A Times obituary was published on Friday 16 March.

Other responses are linked below. Google Blog Search and Technorati's search may find things that I have missed, or have been slow to find. My apologies for any such omissions; do email me if you notice any.

The list is intended to be comprehensive; some of the responses linked are long pieces, others simply a brief comment or a link.

Responses found on 18 April 2007

Fortnightly Mailing Chris Lightfoot - obituaries and some of his wonderful software

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Emulation 4 Ever - V2 (dedication at end)

Responses found on 11 April 2007

Have I Got More Lies For You

Responses found on 2 April 2007

BBC - Radio 4 - Last Word (brief text obituaries of the programme's subjects only; but you can listen to an mp3 copy of the part about Oggie)
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Spy Blog - Entrust Inc. must be in financial trouble to employ the disgraced politician David Blunkett (comment just under half-way down the page, in the context of an exposition of David Blunkett's incompetence)
The Yorkshire Ranter

Responses found on 21 March 2007

Martin Keegan: Chris Lightfoot

Responses found on 18 March 2007

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Responses found on 16 March 2007

Delib - Chris Lightfoot RIP » Blog Archive » Chris Lightfoot remembered
The Ideal Government Project

An obituary in the Times was also published today

Responses found on 15 March 2007

Druid Street | Chris Lightfoot

Responses found on 14 March 2007

Chris Lightfoot

Responses found on 11 March 2007

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poons: Britblog Roundup #108

Responses found on 10 March 2007

As A Dodo: But Not Forgotten: Week Ending 10 March 2007
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Responses found on 9 March 2007

The Virtual Stoa » Blog Archive » But It Stopped Short, Never To Go Again, When The Old Man Died?

Responses found on 8 March 2007

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I am not a goth. -
I used to think that the day would never come - (only available to livejournal friends)
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